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Post by Böhse Tante Thu Feb 13, 2020 10:34 pm



The main reason for my wish to change this society is that so many human skills have no chance to come to fruition. Instead they are used in a really sick way so that people are maintaining their own suffering from wars, hunger and illness. But it can not be changed "top-down", only in some kind of "grassroots revolution" or better "evolution" where more and more people work together to get rid of TPTB (whoever that is).

No need for a "big event" but development. One of my ideas to reach it: Don't play "their" games - don't use "their" rules - don't think in the box of "their" paradigms.
It's more "refuse" than "resist" - without too much ideology. You don't need to know much about "what's going on behind the curtains", it's mainly to create your own rules together with like-minded people.

That is what I mean with "I'm on the side of the people".

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