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IBM - Digital Health Vaccine Passports (ID2020)

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IBM - Digital Health Vaccine Passports (ID2020) Empty IBM - Digital Health Vaccine Passports (ID2020)

Post by Abacus Sun May 16, 2021 7:46 pm

(September 14, 2017) Mark of the Beast: Digital Identity and the Cashless Cartel
On June 19th, 2017, approximately 300 people gathered at the United Nations for the second annual ID2020 Summit.
The ID2020 Alliance, a consortium of public and private organisations, was launched there.
The summit was attended by representatives of UN organisations such as UNDP (United Nations Development Programme);
UNECLAC (United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean);
UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees),
and UN OICT (United Nations Office of Information and Communication Technologies).
Participating organsiations included: Accenture; Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; Biometrics Institute; Gavi (the vaccine alliance);
General Electric; IBM; IrisGuard; MasterCard; Microsoft; One World Identity; Open Society Foundation (George Soros); PwC; Rockefeller Foundation; Standard Chartered Bank; Unique Identity Authority of India; Verizon; the World Economic Forum, and HSBC bank.

(December 21, 2020) IBM links with Salesforce to offer digital COVID-19 vaccine passports
"At the start of the pandemic, many organizations deployed simple COVID-19 screenings, such as self-reported health surveys,
to support re-entry to workplaces and other institutions," said Paul Roma, general manager of IBM Watson Health.
"Now, as testing becomes more widespread and vaccine distribution gets underway, we are expanding the availability of IBM Digital Health Pass with Salesforce
to help organizations verify an individual's vaccine status and any other relevant health credentials," Roma said.
Big Blue’s health pass app, which debuted earlier this year, aims to provide individual, sharable health credentials following test results, vaccinations
and temperature checks through an encrypted digital wallet on a smartphone. This could also help allow passengers to board airplanes,
concertgoers to enter venues or spectators to attend sporting events. Salesforce also recently introduced a version of Work.com for managing vaccine programs
aimed at governments and healthcare organizations. The company is also working with Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance
to help distribute about 2 billion doses of coronavirus vaccines across 190 countries before the end of next year.

(January 28, 2021) Salesforce announces Vaccine Cloud to accelerate global vaccine management
Salesforce, the global leader in CRM, announced Vaccine Cloud, technology to help government agencies, healthcare organizations, businesses,
non-profits and educational institutions more rapidly, safely and efficiently deploy and manage their vaccine programmes.
Currently, international, federal, state and local agencies, healthcare providers and non-profits worldwide are using Salesforce technology specifically for vaccine administration,
including Northwell Health, Illinois' Lake County, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance and more.
Government agencies and public health agencies can use Vaccine Cloud to monitor their vaccination progress with data and insights,
which helps enable them to maximize their programme effectiveness. This includes securing enough doses, monitoring patient outcomes,
and making data-driven decisions based on community health needs and risk factors.
Salesforce partners extend the power of Vaccine Cloud to scale vaccine programmes for government, healthcare organizations and non-profits worldwide.
These include Accenture, Deloitte, IBM and KPMG, in addition to partners Coastal Cloud, Infosys, MTX, PolSource, Sense Corp, Silverline,
Skedulo, Slalom and Traction on Demand are already leveraging Vaccine Cloud solutions to help organizations accelerate their vaccine management programmes.

(February 7, 2021) ‘IBM and the Holocaust’: Twenty Years of Corporate Denial
Twenty years ago, IBM and the Holocaust exposed with crystal clarity—backed up with a literal tower of physical documentation
—that IBM knowingly organized all six phases of the Holocaust: identification, exclusion, confiscation, ghettoization, deportation, and even extermination,
all under the micromanagement of its celebrated CEO, Thomas J. Watson, Sr.,
operating from his New York office on Madison Avenue, and later through European subsidiaries.

To peer into our perilous future, we need only look back
and see what IBM helped Hitler do during the Holocaust,
in the era before computers existed. Now is the time to ask what could a Hitler-type regime do today
and how quickly with today’s high-speed hand-held technology?

(February 8, 2021) Palantir leaps 15% after revealing partnership with IBM on artificial-intelligence applications
Palantir ripped as much as 15% higher on Monday after the company unveiled a partnership with IBM on a business-focused artificial intelligence product.
The analytics giant plans to pair its app-building platform with IBM's cloud-data service to create an AI tool for businesses,
according to a press release. The collaboration is expected to help businesses access and analyze swaths of cloud data
without the need for deep technical know-how. The firms aim to roll out the product in March.
The product, named Palantir for IBM Cloud Pak for Data, is planned for businesses in retail,
financial services, manufacturing, and telecommunications, among other sectors.

(February 10, 2021) ICC, Mastercard, IBM join ID2020 Good Health Pass initiative
Yesterday ID2020 launched the Good Health Pass Collaborative to encourage interoperability
between the COVID-19 health credentialing solutions being developed by numerous organizations.
Members of the new initiative include the Airports Council International (ACI), Hyperledger,
COVID-19 Credentials Initiative, International Chamber of Commerce (ICC),
Mastercard and numerous others (full list below).
“Fragmentation is a risk we simply cannot ignore,” said ID2020 Executive Director Dakota Gruener.
“To be valuable to users, credentials need to be accepted at check-in,
upon arrival by border control agencies, and more.”
“We can get there — even with multiple systems — as long as solutions adhere
to open standards and participate in a common governance framework.

Good Health Pass Collaborative members: Affinidi, Airport Council International (ACI), Airside, analizA, (ICC) AOKpass,
Bindle Systems, BLOK Solutions, CLEAR, The Commons Project Foundation, Covid Credential Initiative (CCI), Daon, Everynym,
Global Privacy & Security by Design Centre, Grameen Foundation, Hyperledger, IBM, idRamp, International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), iProov,
Linux Foundation Public Health, Lumedic, Mastercard, MIT SafePaths, National Aviation Services (NAS),
Panta, PathCheck Foundation, Prescryptive Health, SITA, STChealth, Trust Over IP Foundation, ZAKA.

(March 3, 2021) New York State trialing IBM Covid-19 blockchain app
This week, the State of New York announced it is piloting a blockchain health certificate app with IBM
to show proof of Covid-19 vaccination or negative test results. Named the Excelsior Pass,
the tool confirms vaccine and testing information via confidential data transfer. It is hoped
the app can help with the swift re-opening of venues and businesses.
Like a mobile airline boarding pass, the Pass provides participants with a QR code,
which venues can scan to confirm health status. First trialed at a Brooklyn Nets basketball game
at the Barclays Center in New York City, the Excelsior Pass was again piloted
at Madison Square Garden for the New York Rangers ice hockey game yesterday.
The results will be used to develop the user experience before being submitted to the Apple and Google app stores.

(March 5, 2021) Moderna to explore blockchain vaccine traceability with IBM
Yesterday Moderna and IBM said they plan to explore using blockchain, AI, and other technologies for COVID-19 vaccine distribution.
The pharmaceutical company is planning a blockchain pilot to provide vaccine traceability
so that government and healthcare providers can see the current status of specific vaccine
batches as they go through the supply chain from the manufacturer to the destination.

One of IBM’s in-house enterprise blockchain offerings is IBM Food Trust
which provides similar results in a different sector. IBM also previously participated in an FDA pharmaceutical pilot
and launched a blockchain consortium, the Pharmaceutical Utility Network (PhUN), with Walmart, Merck, and KPMG.

Another collaboration area between Moderna and IBM is for the Digital Health Pass,
an IBM solution that leverages blockchain to enable vaccine or test credentials to be verified.
It recently unveiled a pilot with the State of New York, including for events at Madison Square Garden.

(March 10, 2021) IBM led consortium wins $3.2 million German Digital Health Passport contract
Yesterday German press reported that a consortium led by IBM, including blockchain cybersecurity firm Ubirch
won the tender for digital vaccination certificates in Germany.
The two firms beat competition from a joint initiative by Deutsche Telekom and SAP.
According to the Official EU Journal the award is €2.7 million ($3.2 million), but IBM will subcontract 51% of the project.

Ubirch positions itself as an IoT cybersecurity firm. It claims it created the world’s first blockchain-on-a-SIM solution
together with 1NCE and G+D Mobile Security, a firm known as a currency solution provider to central banks.
Meanwhile, IBM’s Digital Health Pass solution is currently being trialed by the State of New York.
It uses a mobile phone app and blockchain for verifiable credentials.

(March 13, 2021) Mastercard and ICC to explore interoperability of digital health credentials
The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and Mastercard are partnering
to explore the possibility of making their digital health pass solutions interoperable.
Mastercard explained that the interoperability isn’t just between different health credentials
but also between other technologies such as passports or identity and tickets.
ICC and Mastercard are part of ID2020’s Good Health Pass Collaborative.
The initiative is also backed by the Airports Council International, Hyperledger, IBM, the Covid Credentials Initiative, and others.

Meanwhile, blockchain health credentials are also being developed for motives beyond travel.
IBM developed a Digital Health Pass for companies to verify employee health status,
and the State of New York is piloting the blockchain health certificate app
to show proof of vaccination or negative test results.
Big Blue was also recently awarded a project for German health certificates alongside local firms.

(May 3, 2021) Palantir appoints IBM Watson Health vet Kassler to be analytics firm's first CMO
Carving out the new role is William Kassler, M.D., a physician and public health expert
who was most recently the CMO for government health and human services at IBM Watson Health,
where he also served as deputy chief health officer. Prior to that, Kassler held CMO roles
at the New England regional office of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
and the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services.
He was also previously the chief of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC's) health services research and evaluation branch.
At Palantir, he’ll lead the company’s public health and life sciences teams, which develop analytics platforms for government, commercial and international clients.


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