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CureVac (vaccine CVnCoV, Tesla, In-Cell-Art, DARPA, Gates Foundation, CEPI, Sanofi Pasteur, vaccine printer, University of Wisconsin)

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CureVac (vaccine CVnCoV, Tesla, In-Cell-Art, DARPA, Gates Foundation, CEPI, Sanofi Pasteur, vaccine printer, University of Wisconsin) Empty CureVac (vaccine CVnCoV, Tesla, In-Cell-Art, DARPA, Gates Foundation, CEPI, Sanofi Pasteur, vaccine printer, University of Wisconsin)

Post by Abacus on Mon Jan 04, 2021 2:17 pm

(November 15, 2011) CureVac, Sanofi Pasteur, and In-Cell-Art Collaborate on €33.1M DARPA-Supported Vaccine Program
CureVac and Sanofi Pasteur have signed a potentially €150 million-plus vaccine development
option agreement in parallel with initiating a $33.1 million Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)
co-funded collaboration with In-Cell-Art, focused on developing vaccines against infectious diseases based on CureVac’s RNActive® technology.
The four-year DARPA-supported program will exploit CureVac’s RNActive technology along with In-Cell-Art’s nanoparticle expertise
and Sanofi’s vaccine development capabilities.
Under terms of this option, if exercised, CureVac could receive up to €101.5 million
in up-front and milestone payments, plus royalties, if Sanofi Pasteur develops either a prophylactic or therapeutic vaccine against each pathogen,
and up to €150.5 million if Sanofi Pasteur develops both a prophylactic and a therapeutic vaccine.
The latter would be responsible for funding all R&D activities, and would have exclusive global marketing rights for RNActive vaccines
selected under the option. CureVac would, in turn, retain the rights to its own core development programs
and to the background technology for all applications outside those encompassed by the Sanofi Pasteur option.

(July 1, 2014) CureVac Signs an Exclusive License Agreement with Sanofi Pasteur to Develop and Commercialize an mRNA-based Prophylactic Vaccine
CureVac, a German clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company, today announced the execution of an exclusive license agreement with Sanofi Pasteur S.A.,
the vaccines division of Sanofi (EURONEXT: SAN andNYSE: SNY), to develop and commercialize an mRNA-based vaccine against an undisclosed pathogen.
In 2011, CureVac and Sanofi Pasteur signed a collaboration and license option agreement for several pre-defined pathogens.
CureVac met all pre-agreed milestones and acceptance criteria relating to these agreements,
and therefore Sanofi Pasteur exercised its first option and extended its exclusive and non-exclusive options on all five pathogens.

(November 2, 2015) Gates, Hopp back $110M megaround for CureVac's mRNA work
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation joined German billionaire Dietmar Hopp
in a venture syndicate that is injecting a whopping $110 million of fresh funds into CureVac,
a German mRNA biotech which has now garnered some $330 million in support.
Baillie Gifford led the round, joined by the billionaires, Chartwave Limited, Coppel Family, Elma Investments (formerly Northview) and Sigma Group.
CureVac has several different tech platforms in play, ranging from stimulating the immune system
to an mRNA approach designed to coax cells to produce their own protein therapeutics.

(February 27, 2019) CEPI, CureVac team up in $34M deal to advance RNA vaccine 'printer'
Since it formed two years ago, the global outbreak preparedness group CEPI has invested hundreds of millions of dollars in vaccine
candidates against infectious diseases. Now, it’s back at it with CureVac in a deal to help the biotech advance its mRNA vaccine "printer."
After preclinical work, the partners aim to advance two vaccine candidates against named diseases into phase 1 testing.
Along the way, CureVac will continue collaborating with its existing partners, including the University of Wisconsin.
CEPI’s grant to CureVac is one in a series of investments the global preparedness group has made.
Formed in 2017, the group initially focused on Lassa, MERS and Nipah viruses, but more recently
has sought partners to work on vaccine platforms against unknown pathogens,
plus Rift Valley fever virus and Chikungunya.

(August 13, 2019) CureVac and Yale Team Up for mRNA-Based Lung Therapies
Tubingen, Germany-based CureVac has entered a Collaboration Research Agreement with Yale University to focus on lung therapies.
Under the terms of the deal with Yale University, Yale researchers led by Geoff Chupp
will conduct discovery research on targets associated with pulmonary diseases,
then turn over the candidates to CureVac for preclinical and clinical development.
CureVac will fund all the discovery research and hold the acquisition options to rights for the targets.
So far, CureVac has raised about $420 million in equity investments,
including backing from The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation,
which has a significant interest in vaccine development.


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CureVac (vaccine CVnCoV, Tesla, In-Cell-Art, DARPA, Gates Foundation, CEPI, Sanofi Pasteur, vaccine printer, University of Wisconsin) Empty Re: CureVac (vaccine CVnCoV, Tesla, In-Cell-Art, DARPA, Gates Foundation, CEPI, Sanofi Pasteur, vaccine printer, University of Wisconsin)

Post by Abacus on Mon Jan 04, 2021 2:19 pm

(July 2, 2020) Tesla teams up with CureVac to make 'RNA microfactories' for COVID-19 shot, Elon Musk says
Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted Thursday that the electric carmaker had signed on with CureVac to make portable molecular RNA printers—
what Musk called "RNA microfactories"— to help produce doses of the German vaccine maker's COVID-19 shot candidate.
Musk said his company was working on the printers as a "side project" and could take on additional partners in the future.
CureVac has previously touted its work on portable "printers" for its mRNA-based vaccines,
which would allow the company to produce shots at scale in farflung locations without the standard logistical concerns.
CureVac's printers are designed to quickly create mRNA vaccine candidates against known pathogens,
plus new and unknown diseases, a category the World Health Organization calls “Disease X.”
If successful, the printers could also be used for CureVac's COVID-19 shot candidate, CVnCoV,
which received German and Belgian regulatory clearance to enter phase 1 human testing in mid-June.
The start of the 168-subject study comes days after the German government invested $337 million
in CureVac to support its efforts to develop and manufacture a vaccine against the coronavirus.

(July 3, 2020) Tesla filed joint patent with CureVac on possibly revolutionary ‘bioreactor for RNA’
A patent application shows that Tesla has been working with CureVac on a possibly revolutionary “bioreactor for RNA” for over a year.
It took many by surprise since it seems like Tesla is making a move in the biotech world,
but we now learn that it has been in the works for a long time — even pre-COVID-19.
The patent application is called “Bioreactor for RNA in vitro Transcription” and it describes an automated system for RNA manufacturing.
It describes a problem with current manufacturing processes for RNA molecules being labor extensive and requiring several different equipments.
The Tesla/CureVac solution solves those problems.

(July 20, 2020) GSK to obtain 10% stake in vaccines maker CureVac for $163m
GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has signed an agreement with German company CureVac to research, develop, manufacture and commercialise up to five mRNA-based vaccines
and monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) against infectious diseases. The terms of the agreement will provide GSK with approximately 10% stake in CureVac
with an equity investment of $163m (£130m). Also, GSK will make an upfront payment of $130m (£104m), along with a one-time reimbursable payment of $32m (£26m)
to reserve production capacity at CureVac’s commercial-scale manufacturing facility being built in Germany.
The collaboration will leverage GSK’s existing mRNA capabilities and CureVac’s mRNA platform,
which is expected to complement the former’s existing vaccines expertise.
Earlier this month, GSK partnered with Canadian biopharmaceutical firm Medicago to develop,
assess and manufacture a plant-based adjuvanted Covid-19 vaccine candidate.

(August 20, 2020) EU and CureVac in talks on 225 million doses of a potential coronavirus vaccine
The European Commission and German biotech firm CureVac said on Thursday they were in advanced talks for the supply of at least 225 million doses
of a potential Covid-19 vaccine to EU states. The EU will now begin negotiating a contract with CureVac,
which could be the company’s first bilateral supply deal, aimed at securing the vaccine for all 27 EU member states
should the shot prove safe and effective. CureVac said it could start large-scale human trials on its vaccine in the last quarter
of this year based on results of its current trials. The Commission did not disclose financial details
but said funding would be provided through an EU emergency fund,
of which around 2 billion euros ($2.37 billion) can be used to finance advance purchase deals,
officials have told Reuters.

(November 12, 2020) CureVac Aims to Overcome Deep-Freeze Challenge With Covid Shot
Data show CureVac’s messenger RNA vaccine remained stable for at least three months
when stored at a standard refrigerator temperature of 5 degrees Celsius (41 degrees Fahrenheit),
and for up to 24 hours as a ready-to-use shot when stored at room temperature,
the company said Thursday. Some vaccines, like the front-runner from Pfizer Inc. and BioNTech SE, must be kept at ultra-cold temperatures

(November 16, 2020) EU Expands Vaccine Options With CureVac Contract
The EU is to sign a contract with German pharmaceutical company CureVac for another potential Covid-19 vaccine,
European Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen said Monday. The deal, to be signed Tuesday, brings to five the number of vaccines
the EU will have in its portfolio, with a sixth, from US firm Moderna, on its way, von der Leyen said in a video statement.
The CureVac contract is an option to buy up to 405 million doses if its vaccine is proven to be safe and effective.
Von der Leyen did not disclose the financial terms, in line with the same confidentiality given the other companies making candidate vaccines.

(November 23, 2020) Germany's CureVac Signs Contract for New Vaccine
German pharmaceutical company CureVac says it has signed a contract to produce major quantities of a COVID-19 vaccine
under development in the Netherlands. The Tuebingen company said Monday it had agreed with Munich’s Wacker Chemie AG
on a contract for the production of its COVID-19 vaccine using mRNA technology at Wacker’s site in Amsterdam
in the first half of 2021. It plans to produce 100 million doses of the CureVac vaccine per year at the facility,
and said there is potential for expansion.

(November 29, 2020) Saudi Pharma in Talks With Germany’s CureVac for Covid Shot
Saudi Pharmaceutical Industries and Medical Appliances Corp. signed a non-binding memorandum of understanding
with German biotech company CureVac NV to provide a Covid-19 vaccine in Saudi Arabia.
The MoU includes the possibility of extending the supply and distribution rights
in the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, and Oman.

(December 9, 2020) Fareva enhancer: CureVac to use CDMO for COVID vaccine fill/finish
Under terms of the deal – financials of which have not been disclosed – contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) Fareva
will provide fill and finish capabilities for CureVac’s COVID-19 vaccine candidate, CVnCoV, from facilities in Val-de-Reuil and Pau, both in France.
Fareva has invested over €80 million ($97 million) in its Val-de-Reuil facility over the past decade,
but Pau is a brand new extension for the CDMO, having just acquired the plant – along with a monoclonal antibody production plant
in Saint-Julien-en-Genevois, France – from French drugmaker Pierre Fabre.


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CureVac (vaccine CVnCoV, Tesla, In-Cell-Art, DARPA, Gates Foundation, CEPI, Sanofi Pasteur, vaccine printer, University of Wisconsin) Empty Re: CureVac (vaccine CVnCoV, Tesla, In-Cell-Art, DARPA, Gates Foundation, CEPI, Sanofi Pasteur, vaccine printer, University of Wisconsin)

Post by Abacus on Thu Jan 07, 2021 6:50 pm

(January 7, 2021) Bayer Joins COVID-19 Vaccine Development in Germany
Bayer announced it had signed a collaboration and services agreement with CureVac N.V. to support the further development,
supply, and key territory operations of CureVac´s COVID-19 mRNA vaccine candidate CVnCoV.
To this end, Bayer stated in a press release issued on January 7, 2021; it will contribute its expertise and established infrastructure
in areas such as clinical operations, regulatory affairs, pharmacovigilance, medical information, supply chain performance
as well as support in selected countries.Germany-based CureVac announced in November 2020 that it would ramp up
its European manufacturing network, working with Wacker and Fareva, amongst others.


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