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The spiritual crisis of modern Europe.

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The spiritual crisis of modern Europe. Empty The spiritual crisis of modern Europe.

Post by Matjaz Sat Mar 27, 2021 11:52 am

Modern European societies today face negative phenomena which, in general, can be classified as internal and external threats which, if not stopped in time, will result in the complete disintegration of Western civilization. The main external threat is mass immigration, and the internal threat is the subversive ideologies of cultural Marxism and liberalism.

The external threat, aimed at demographically replacing Europe's indigenous peoples with a single mixed population that is easier to control, is causing more unease and concern among Europeans as its consequences become more visible, as well as rising crime and violence in multicultural capitals of Europe. However, this mass immigration, which brings with it a demographic crisis and an increase in violence in once fairly peaceful homogeneous European societies, is only the result of another, in fact greater threat to our peoples, expressed in the above-mentioned subversive false ideologies. It must be understood that the goal of these subversive ideological currents is not only to change society, but also to change the European man himself. Their purpose is to change his nature and suppress his instincts that have served and guided him since the beginnings of our history, and enable him to survive in the often dangerous and hostile environment of the European wilderness. With the help of natural selection, which further consolidated these instincts in our ancient ancestors, the European developed a higher level of consciousness, responsibility, justice and solidarity. In the unforgiving environment of that distant time, only those who were willing to cooperate, help and care for each other survived, and at the same time they had to be able to anticipate different situations and prepare plans for the future in a timely manner. This included fortifying shelter, gathering food, hunting, and other activities necessary for survival. These instincts, reinforced by natural selection, were thus, in combination with the ruthless natural environment, crucial in shaping the consciousness of the European, and consequently led to the establishment of the first communities of our ancestors. Eventually, the European, with the help of his creative spirit and desire for research, which is characteristic of him, built the Western civilization, the achievements of which contributed to the development of the whole world.

However, with technological progress, the belief has also emerged that man can tame nature, and that he can transcend it and become its master. This dangerous belief has slowly opened the door to increasingly unnatural and perverted ideas that are reaching their climax in our age. Man may be able to tame the wilderness, but he cannot tame or transcend the eternal laws of nature that apply to him as well as to all other living beings. On the contrary, if he wants to surpass the achievements of his ancestors and set new milestones, he must first and foremost obey the eternal laws of nature and act in accordance with them.

The modern European, infected with excessive individualism, which awakens in him only the lowest animal instincts and needs, and therefore, despite all technological advances, today no longer reaches the spiritual level of development of his ancestors, who aspired not to lower but to higher human needs for excellence, self-transcendence, courage and refinement reflected in European culture or cultures. This desire to create and the need for higher culture was the main driving force needed for the birth of European civilization, for the construction of mighty palaces, castles and cathedrals, for the architecture of medieval cities and ancient temples, for works of art striving for a healthy ideal of power, as embodied by ancient statues, frescoes, and paintings that express the ethnic soul of the European as opposed to today’s smears of “modern art”. This desire to create, to power, by knowledge, by discovering and transcending one's own achievements, it is also reflected in our ancient European myths, in the ancient Greek Prometheus, who created humanity, or in the Germanic Odin, who sacrificed his right eye to drink from the fountain of wisdom. These myths and stories have inspired many generations of young Europeans who were willing to defend their communities, their homelands and their peoples even at the cost of their own lives. They understood that there is something higher, something more important than themselves, that the existence of a nation is more important than the life of an individual, because after all the short life of our lives cannot be compared to the life cycle of a nation stretching and shaping through millennia and countless generations of our ancestors and descendants. Culture, racial identity and tradition are at the heart of every nation.

Of course, in the history of European nations and peoples, foreign elements or selfish and power-hungry instigators have often appeared within them, who knew how to exploit this idealism and sacrifice of Europeans for a "higher goal" for their own benefit. In addition to all the achievements and discoveries, the history of the West is also full of bloody, bloodthirsty fratricidal wars, which often benefited only individuals in positions of power, while plunging ordinary people into misery and poverty. However, in any case, this European idealism, reconciled with a healthy sense of belonging to a larger ethnoculture and national community, was the main bulwark against all attempts to manipulate and exploit Europeans. Even when foreign elements and exploiters have managed to take control of a European nation for a certain period of time, after a certain period, such tyranny always ended in the expulsion or death of these pests. Otherwise, both domestic and foreign exploiters and predators - usually a combination of both - learned a lot from the mistakes of their predecessors, so they were often responsible for many of the above-mentioned wars and conflicts, as the chaos of war allowed them to consolidate their influence and power, but complete domination over European nations, which remains the goal of international globalists even today, was not possible as long as European man remained faithful to his ideals, his family, ethnoculture, tradition and nation. That is why the peoples of Europe had to be rooted down, their sense of belonging to their own homeland and culture destroyed, and the foundations of Western civilization laid down once and for all.

The French Revolution and the communist revolutions of the early 20th century were planned with this goal in mind. However, despite Russia falling into the clutches of the Bolsheviks, other European nations largely rejected Marxist internationalist ideas, as they remained faithful to the traditions of their homeland and their national affiliation. Marxism, with its idea that society, or the environment, is the main factor in shaping the human personality, despite the fact that it is supposed to advocate primarily for workers' rights and social equality, is primarily a tool to shape a new man, a man without nationality, a homeless worker serving one international elite. The echo of the Marxist motto "workers of all lands, unite" has today spilled over into the liberal left's motto "diversity is our strength". Of course, the irony is that it is not a matter of true respect for diversity, as Marxism was not about respecting the working class, but only empty slogans with which globalists want to network the masses who then do their dirty work. Just as the Marxists once chose the working class for this task, today it belongs to various once marginal groups and minorities, from immigrants to LGBT movements, and the role of the bourgeois who exploits the worker is replaced by a white European man who oppresses all these powerless ethnic groups and sexual minorities.

Because the average European did not fall prey to Marxist deceptions and because violent revolutions in most European countries failed, the exploiters and enemies of the West opted for a different approach, infiltrating European state, educational and media institutions, and thus began to spread false ideas by which poisoned mainly young Europeans. These ideas include the belief that all people are equal, who deny specific racial characteristics, the view that gender and race are only social constructs, cultural relativism, and above all the idea that puts the individual first in the name of human rights. Likewise, these people poisoners decided to use European deep sense of justice against the European when they began to convince him that the West had historically committed horrible crimes against other peoples on this planet, and that these crimes were typical only of Europeans. That is why Europeans today have a duty to redeem themselves to these "oppressed" peoples. It is also their duty to condemn the actions of their ancestors. In the mind of the European man, in this way, the exploiters planted the seeds of doubt about his own tradition and history, which suddenly became stained with the blood of the innocent until he was ready to give it up out of guilt. Due to the alleged injustices, he also felt obliged to accept these "oppressed" peoples into his homeland. Sudden feelings of guilt over the actions of their ancestors and the devaluation of old traditions and values, individualism that convinces the individual that his rights are more important than his duties, the disintegration of the family through various "sexual theories" and feminism, and redefining the importance of women's and men's roles in society - all of which have created a heterogeneous society of individuals who no longer identify with their homeland but are divided into different groups that can be controlled, managed and, if necessary, reversed, one against the other. With the help of the media, hedonism and a materialistic way of life are promoted, especially among young people, which not only justifies, but even supports the indulgence of lower instincts and the eternal search for pleasure. European man is no longer striving for the sky, for height, for excellence and perfection, but is turned downwards to satisfy his basic animal instincts, and at the same time he is surrounded by apathy as a result of losing touch with his own tradition and the culture of his ancestors, identity. The modern European therefore resorts to drug and alcohol abuse, to unhealthy food and consumer ‘culture’. He thus chases the feeling of inner emptiness, although it is not clear to him where exactly this feeling comes from. He is unaware that he has been robbed of both the past and the future.

 Only in such a state is the once mighty European ready to passively observe the destruction of his own culture and the replacement of his people with newcomers from third world countries. The decay of our values ​​and the indifference of modern man are the result of the deep spiritual crisis of modern Europe, which threatens us to become a minority in our own homelands in the future. Cultural Marxism has poisoned the heart of Europe, which we can only heal by returning to our traditions and culture, which values ​​talent, integrity and excellence more than money, and by national revival at the level of the whole of Europe. The first signs of this renaissance or awakening have already appeared in recent years in some countries, but so far they are not yet clear, coherent and strong enough to cover the whole continent.

Once militant and brave, but today a slave to his own comfort, which means more to him than the future of his homeland, the modern European man blindly believes everything he hears in the media and incapable of his own thoughts, repeats seemingly beautiful words about equality, humanity and tolerance. Once roaring lions and roaring wolves, ready to defend every inch of their land, they have turned into greedy sheep who blindly follow corrupt shepherds - globalist agents - into their own ruin, and even rejoice in their own destruction in the name of a kind of "multicultural utopia". . If a European man does not overlook the lies and malice of the modern ideas of cultural Marxism and liberalism, he will become a foreigner in his own country, built with his own sweat and defending his forefathers with his own blood.

The way out of this spiritual crisis lies primarily in the awareness of each individual that he is part of a larger community, and that he has duties both to his ancestors and to his descendants. Rejection of hedonism and materialism, as well as apathy that has permeated all pores of the West, an alternative way of life based on acceptance of one's own identity and respect for one's own ethnoculture, raising awareness of the rich history and culture of our people, and awareness that we belong as a nation into one larger European family, a path that can take us out of the current state of apathy and intoxication. Finally, let me recall a quote from , a French author and great European:

"I do not believe that Europeans, when they realize that they are in danger, will allow themselves to be replaced. The past has shown us that historical awakenings have always been very slow, but once they started, nothing could stop them. "

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