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New Years Plans/Resolutions.

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New Years Plans/Resolutions. Empty New Years Plans/Resolutions.

Post by khnum Sun Jan 01, 2023 6:38 am

Well 2023 is now with us and for many of us its a time of introspection and decisions to improve ourselves in the near future whether its a diet,getting fitter,more involved with the family,community or whatever.

That is precisely what the powers that be want you to do you know it is amazing after all the shit people have been put through how quickly they go back to the normalcy bias pretending we are back in 2019 its a delusion that world is gone and its not coming back.

I wont tell you my story but I fell foul of the authorities in my early thirties I learnt all about freedom and democracy Ive been incarcarated,put in mental hospitals gangstalked and more but no details that would give me away possibly,all electronic communications are monitored in this country and Im not being secret here because of any belief I am this that or the other but rather I had these people in my life for 15 years and dont want them back,in any event you can search my screen name Khnum you will see Ive been warning people for decades.

The warnings are over we have arrived anyone who has poured over Agenda 2021,2030,WEF,UN etc knows that by 2030 there will be economic crisis,inflation,fuel food and power shortages,world war and cyber attacks.We are in a calm before the storm.

I have the library the unarmed combat skills and the knowledge to survive but even though I walk 3 miles a day I am about 25kg overweight and in no shape for full on survival so weight loss and fitness are on the list for me.Survival is 10 percent knowledge and 90 percent the fitness to act on that knowledge.

I am also a type 2 diabetic I do not have to inject every day but every 2 days or so so getting rid of sugar and dietary changes to get rid of the insulin is also in order the day is coming when they put mRNA in all injectables the flu shot everything and they wont tell you.

Im also getting some material on mental toughness and dealing with grief iI would say most likely people you know are going to die this year.

At 57 I have no intention for fighting for anything other than family and friends but if I have to chop wood,spend extended time expanding my vege garden with a mattock or shovel I hope to be fit enough in 6 months

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'A great civilization is not conquered from without until it had destroyed itself from within' W.Durant


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