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#1 - Music videos - late night doom break

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Post by Böhse Tante Sun Jan 19, 2020 4:43 am

I seldom "whine" out of emotions, even far less when I was young, but this song brought me to tears. I felt his suffering from the cold, selfish, greedy world. Grown up with a mother that treated me with hate and psychoterror I was "hardened", but I always had a desire for a better world - not only for me but also for the others.

It's a fight without end. I will never stop until I die. Natural born rebel.




The main reason for my wish to change this society is that so many human skills have no chance to come to fruition. Instead they are used in a really sick way so that people are maintaining their own suffering from wars, hunger and illness. But it can not be changed "top-down", only in some kind of "grassroots revolution" or better "evolution" where more and more people work together to get rid of TPTB (whoever that is).

No need for a "big event" but development. One of my ideas to reach it: Don't play "their" games - don't use "their" rules - don't think in the box of "their" paradigms.
It's more "refuse" than "resist" - without too much ideology. You don't need to know much about "what's going on behind the curtains", it's mainly to create your own rules together with like-minded people.

That is what I mean with "I'm on the side of the people".

Ceterum censeo Imperium Americanum esse delendum.

Die Lage ist hoffnungslos aber nicht ernst.
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